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Membership Test


The TFTSG currently has 238 members from 42 nations who focus their work in 91 nations.

Membership is by invitation only.

Contact Anders Rhodin [[email protected]] if you would like to be considered for membership.

We are especially interested in new members from nations under-represented in the TFTSG membership who are focused on conservation efforts for tortoises and/or freshwater turtles.


TFTSG Executive Committee:

Anders G.J. Rhodin (Chair TFTSG, Co-Chair TCF) [[email protected]]

Peter Paul van Dijk (Deputy Chair TFTSG, Red List Focal Point) [[email protected]]

Russell A. Mittermeier [[email protected]

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Peter C.H. Pritchard [[email protected]]

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TFTSG Steering Committee and Red List Authority:

Anders G.J. Rhodin

Peter Paul van Dijk

Russell A. Mittermeier

Peter C.H. Pritchard

Harry V. Andrews

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Ernst H.W. Baard

Kristin H. Berry

Kurt A. Buhlmann

Indraneil Das

Arthur Georges

J. Whitfield Gibbons

Douglas B. Hendrie

Rick Hudson (Co-Chair TSA)

John B. Iverson

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Gerald Kuchling

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Michael Lau

Dwight P. Lawson (Co-Chair TSA)

Jeffrey E. Lovich

Luca Luiselli

Edward O. Moll

Vivian P. Páez

Hans-Dieter Philippen

Hugh R. Quinn (Co-Chair TCF)

H. Bradley Shaffer

Dionysius S.K. Sharma

Shi Haitao

Richard C. Vogt