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TCF Support

The Turtle Conservation Fund (TCF) has received generous support over the years from the organizations and individuals listed below, for which we are truly grateful. We could not do this without your support, whether through direct contributions or in-kind support. Thank you on behalf of all the endangered turtles of the world.

Please consider supporting our ongoing efforts to protect threatened and endangered tortoises and freshwater turtles around the world by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Turtle Conservation Fund, c/o Chelonian Research Foundation, 564 Chittenden Drive, Arlington, VT 05250 USA

The Turtle Conservation Fund operates under the non-profit umbrella of Chelonian Research Foundation, an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible in the US.


Supporting Organizations

A Taste of Thai, Andre Prost, Inc.
American Zoo and Aquarium Association / Chelonian Advisory Group
Andrew Sabin Family Foundation
Behler Chelonian Center
California Turtle and Tortoise Club, Central Valley Chapter
Chelonian Research Foundation
Chelonian Research Institute
Chester Zoo
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Cleveland Zoological Society
Columbus Zoo
Conservation International
Conservation International / Center for Applied Biodiversity Science
Controlled Blasting, Inc.
Dallas World Aquarium
Daytona Reptile Expo
Desert Tortoise Council
Detroit Zoological Society
Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
European Association of Zoos and Aquaria
European Studbook Foundation
Fort Worth Zoo
Frankel Family Foundation
GG Wade Trust
Global Wildlife Conservation
Gloucester County NJ 4-H
Humane Society International–Australia
International Center for Conservation of Turtles / M√ľnster Allwetter Zoo
Island Foundation
Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden
Lowry Park Zoo

Maritime Hotel, New York
Melbourne Zoo
Minnesota Zoo Foundation
Nando Peretti Foundation
National Wildlife Federation
Panaphil Foundation
Panaphil and Uphill Foundations
Pennsylvania Castle Energy
Philadelphia Zoological Society
Pineview Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic
Reptiles Magazine
Roger Williams Park Zoo
Rotterdam Zoo
Santa Fe Community College
Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
Shellshock Campaign

Turtle Conservancy

Turtle Survival Alliance
Walde Research and Environmental Consulting
Wildlife Conservation Society
Wildwood Veterinary Hospital
Zoo Atlanta

Supporting Individuals

Jae Abel
Anonymous in honor of Mary and Mike
John Bachman
Barry W. Baker
John and Deborah Behler
William R. Belzer
Brian Bolton
Peter J. Brynildsen
R. Bruce Bury
Brian O. Butler
Joseph A. Butler
Ray Capaldi
Evan and Elaine Carroll
John Clementi
John D. Constable
Michael S. Cooperman
Ernest and Sandy Covington
Neil Dazet
Peggy J. Drake
Laura Faller
Pauline L. Farmer
Wayne Frair
Matthew G. Frankel
Paul and Judith Gobbo
Eric V. Goode
Douglas Gordon
Kathi Granato and Al Dolinski
Tim Gregory
Pierre A. Guignard
Geoffrey S. Hall
James Hanken
Traci D. Hartsell
Jean R. Held
Fred Janzen
Constance B. Katzenbach
Michael Kennedy
Akihiro Koshikawa
Lynn Ann Kroner
Pauline Lace and Richard G. White
Chuck Landrey
Jeffery W. Lang
Cheryl L. Lechtanski
Hans Dieter Lehmann
Lise W. Leigh
Stan Levine
Julie Lisk-Gonzalez
Richard Lunsford
Robert H. Maliner
Mary Lee Manley
Justin McCann
Roy McDiarmid
A.J. McIlvaine
Hope Meadows
Richard P. Menzel
Martha Ann Messinger
George Meyer and Maria Semple
Albert C. Molnar
Diane Moreau
Michael A. Morra
Laura Mostello
Thomas K. Motlow
John A. Musick
Kenneth A. Nagy
Edward Neil
Ingrid Overgard
Paul W. Pakosinski
Timothy Parsuns
Ina and Mason Phelps
Mason M. Phelps
Karen Porter
Michael B. Pugh
James Rea
Anders G.J. Rhodin
Robert M. Rioux
Barry Roe
Willem M. Roosenburg and Katherine C. Kelley
Adriana M. Saulo
James Salzman
Arnie Schildhaus
Barbara Schroeder
Frank J. Schwartz
Peter J. Schweinsberg
Tatsuo Shibasaki
Jack W. Sites
Walter E. Smithe
Elizabeth A. Spann
Robert N. Steinwurtzel
Peter Paul van Dijk
Andre Van Hecke
Jon and Sheila Vanderhorst
Frances Velay
Ken Vellia
Herbert Von Kluge

Michelle B. Voss
Andrew Walde
Bruce Weber
Bryan S. Windmiller