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TCF Alliance Partners

TCF Alliance Partners that have provided support for TCF or collaborated with TCF in various ways since 2002 have included many organizational and individual donors and supporters. We thank them all for their support and contributions to our global turtle conservation efforts.

Wildlife Conservation Society

George Meyer and Maria Semple
Frankel Family Foundation
Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
Panaphil Foundation
Chelonian Research Foundation
Chester Zoo
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Island Foundation
Fort Worth Zoo
Nando Peretti Foundation
Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund

Rotterdam Zoo
Columbus Zoo
Cleveland Zoological Society

Daytona Reptile Expo
Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden
American Zoo and Aquarium Association
/ Chelonian Advisory Group
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Melbourne Zoo
European Studbook Foundation
Reptiles Magazine
Zoo Atlanta

Chelonian Research Institute
International Center for Conservation of Turtles / M√ľnster Allwetter Zoo
Behler Chelonian Center