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Previously Funded TCF Awards


97 proposals funded
$446,159 total disbursed


2009 — 20 proposals funded
$100,912 disbursed

Attum, Omar.  2009.  A local community and science based approach to conserving the critically endangered Egyptian tortoise.

Caccone, Adalgisa and Flanagan, Joe.  2009.  Rescuing two giant Galapagos tortoise species from extinction.

Giustiniano, Danielle.  2009.  Paternity, sperm storage and sperm competition in the critically endangered western swamp tortoise, Pseudemydura umbrina

Som, Sitha; Chey, Koulang; Sun, Yoeung; Kim, Chamnan; Kheng, Sokhorn; and Sitha, Prum.  2009.  Community-based nest protection for Cantor’s giant softshell turtle in the Mekong River, Cambodia. 

Rashid, S.M.A.  2009.  Survey of Batagur baska in the Sunderbans, Bangladesh. 

Ihlow, Flora and Böhme, Wolfgang.  2009.  Release study of Indotestudo elongata in the Kulen Promtep Wildlife Sanctuary in the Northern Plains of Cambodia with regards to the species’ ecology and natural history. 

Walker, Ryan and Rakotondrainy, Riana.  2009.  Range-wide population density survey of the mid range Madagascar spider tortoise (Pyxis arachnoides arachnoides ); incorporating GIS application into conservation planning. 

McCormack, Tim; Ha, Hoang Van; and Nhan, Nguyen Chi.  2009.  Ensuring a future for the Vietnamese pond turtle: Establishing the Mauremys annamensis conservation project (MAP), in central Vietnam.

Kholis, Munawar.  2009.  Painted terrapin (Callagur borneoensis) distribution and status in northern Sumatra, Indonesia.


Tri, Ly; Thinh, Phung Ba; Huy, Hoang Duc; Stuart Bryan L.; and Huy, Hoang Duc.  2009.  Surveys to find the southern Vietnamese box turtle (Cuora picturata) in the wild.

Velosoa, Juliette.  2009.  Post-release monitoring of Madagascan side-necked turtles Erymnochelys madagascariensis in Ankarafantsika National Park.

Vogt, Richard, C.  2009.  Methods for studying freshwater turtles:  research, conservation, and management (graduate level field course).

Khin Myo Myo, Win Ko Ko and Kyaw Moe.  2009.  A survey on the conservation status of Heosemys depressa and other chelonian species occurring in eastern regions of Rakhine Yoma Elephant Range.

Kyaw Moe, Win Ko Ko and Khin Myo Myo. 2009.  In-situ conservation of Batagur trivittata in Upper Chindwin River and survey and threat assessment for chelonian species in adjoining areas of Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary.

Riyanto, Awal.  2009.  Habitat characteristic, distribution, natural history and current status of Leucocephalon yuwonoi in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Eisemberg, Carla C., Kate Hodges, and Arthur Georges.  2009.  Grassroots environmental education in the Kikori Delta, Papua New Guinea.

Kuchling, Gerald and Rick Hudson.  2009.  Facilitating reproduction for the last pair of captive Rafetus in China.

Schoppe, Sabine and Diverlie D. Acosta.  2009.  Husbandry of Siebenrockiella leytensis (Taylor, 1920) in its only range country assurance colony.

Sovannara, Heng.  2009.  The Batagur conservation project, Cambodia.

Rainwater, Thomas R., Steve G. Platt, and Rick Hudson.  2009.  Status, distribution, and exploitation of the Critically Endangered Central American river turtle (Dermatemys mawii) in Belize.



2008  —  21 proposals funded
$102,663 disbursed

Caccone, Adalgisa.  2008.  Extinction may not be forever: rescuing Lonesome George lineage.

Gong Shiping, Shi Haitao, and Jiang Aiwu.  2008.  A survey on the status of red-necked pond turtle (Chinemys nigricans), a neglected endangered species in Guangdong and Guangxi, South China.

Alacs, Erika; Georges, Arthur; Kuchling, Gerald and Rhodin, Anders, GJ.  2008.  Phylogenetics and genetic guidelines for the captive breeding of the critically endangered snake-necked turtle Chelodina mccordi.

Walker, Ryan; Woods-Ballard, Andy; and Castellano, Christina.  2008.  Range-wide survey of the Madagascar spider tortoise (Pyxis arachnoides); incorporating GIS application into conservation planning.

Castellano, Christina, M.; Doody, Sean; Rakotondrainy, Riana; and Randriamahazo, Herilala.  2008.  Ecology and conservation of the Critically Endangered Madagascar spider tortoise (Pyxis arachnoides oblonga) at Cap Sainte Marie Special Reserve.

Khin Myo Myo, Win Ko Ko and Kyaw Moe.  2008.  Preliminary survey on the status of Kachuga trivittata and other endemic species occurring between the Nampoke Hka stream and upper Chindwin River.  Awareness raising school programs at the upper Chindwin River between Htamanthi Village and Khamti Town.

McCormack, Tim; Hendrie, Douglas; and Nguyen Xan Thuan.  2008.  Ensuring a future for the Vietnamese pond turtle: establishing the Mauremys annamensis conservation project (MAP), in central Vietnam.

Restrepo, Adriana and López, Catalina.  2008.  Demographic structure of the population of the endangered turtle Podocnemis lewyana (Podocnemididae) in the Chicagua Branch of the Magdalena River, Colombia.

Calderón-Mandujano, R. René; Arana, Héctor Hernández; and Flores-Villela, Oscar.  2008.  Habitat use and ecology of Dermatemys mawii in southern Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Schoppe, Sabine.  2008.  Siebenrockiella leytensis over time – are populations stable? – Extension. 

Win Ko Ko, Kyaw Moe, and Khin Myo Myo.  2008.  Investigation on the status of Batagur trivittata, formally named Kachuga trivittata, and other endemic species along the Sittoung River in Myanmar. 

Khin Myo Myo, Kyaw Moe, and Win Ko Ko.  2008.  Survey on the status of Arakan Forest Turtle; Heosemys depressa and other endemic species in the Rakhine Yoma Elephant Range Wildlife Sanctuary, Rakhine State.

Syed, Gracia Patricia.  2008.  Genetic characterization and conservation of the Critically Endangered Central American river turtle Dermatemys mawii. (Quintana Roo and Belize populations).

Sovannara, Heng.  2008.  The Batagur baska conservation project, Cambodia.

Rakotondrainy, Riana; Castellano, Christina M.; and Randriamahazo, Herilala.  2008.  Ecology and conservation of the Critically Endangered Madagascar spider tortoise (Pyxis arachnoides oblonga) at Cap Sainte Marie Special Reserve. 

Poschadel, Jens R.; Blanck, Torsten; Raffel, Martina; Meier, Elmar; Plath, Martin; Tiedemann, Ralph; and Zwartepoorte, Henk.  2008.  Studying the genetic variability of the Critically Endangered Cuora trifasciata group, Cuora aurocapitata, Cuora pani and Cuora zhoui using microsatellite markers. 

Garcia, Rony; Balas, Roan; Moreira, José; and Ponce, Gabriela.  2008. Where do they go? Determining the spatial and habitat requirements of the CA river turtle (Dermatemys mawii: Dermatemidae) in El Perú Lagoon, Selva Maya of Guatemala. 

González-Zárate, Adriana; Montenegro-Diaz, Olga Lucia; and Castaño-Mora, Olga Victoria.  2008.  Habitat characterization, resources use and conservation state of the river turtle Podocnemis lewyana, waters down of the Hidroprado Dam, Tolima, Colombia. 

Velosoa, Juliette.  2008.  Proposal for the 2nd release of side-necked turtles (Erymnochelys madagascariensis) in Ankarafantsika National Park.

McCormack, Tim; Hendrie, Douglas B.; Van Ha, Hoang; and Chi Nhan, Nguyen.  2008.  Production and distribution of an awareness poster for the endemic Vietnamese pond turtle (Mauremys annamensis). 

Arbeláez, Fernando and Vargas-Ramírez, Mario.  2008.  Program towards conservation of three species of endangered river turtles by Colombian and Peruvian indigenous communities of the Amazon – nests translocation pilot program.


2007  —  24 proposals funded
$109,120 disbursed

Emmett, David; and Thandar Swe.  2007. Monitoring the release of 50 Geochelone  platynota in Minsontaung Wildlife Sanctuary to support enforcement and zoning for conservation.

McGaugh, Suzanne.  2007. Conservation genetics of the endemic Cuatrociénegas slider Trachemys taylori.

Singh, Shailendra; and Horne, Brian.  2007. Development of “green” headstarting facilities in the National Chambal River Sanctuary, India: the last stronghold for the red crowned roof turtle, Batagur kachuga.

Walker, Ryan; and Woods-Ballard, Andy.  2007. Follow up study on the population density and conservation status of the Madagascar spider tortoise (Pyxis arachnoides).

Forero-Medina, German; and Moreno, Luis Eladio Renteria.  2007. Distribution and conservation status of the endemic mud turtle Kinosternon dunni in Colombia.

Niskanen, Leo; and Volahy, Anselme Toto.  2007. Survey of Pyxis planicauda in Andranomena Special Reserve, Western Madagascar.

Blanck, Torsten, Kremser, MMag. Tanja; and Ting Zhou.  2007. Population size and structure of Cuora mccordi in a remote non protected area in Guangxi Province, China.

Than Myint; Win Ko Ko; Khin Myo Myo; Holmstrom, Bill; Calle, Paul; Raphael, Bonnie; Horne, Brian; Hudson, Rick; Platt, Steve; Platt, Kalyar.  2007. Developing an integrative strategy for handling turtle confiscations in Myanmar.

Noureen, Uzma; and Khan, Ahmad.  2007. Freshwater turtle conservation initiative along the Central Indus in Pakistan.

Vargas-Ramírez, Mario; and Castaño-Mora, Olga Victoria.  2007. Actions towards the conservation of the endangered-endemic fresh water turtle Podocnemis lewyana, in the Upper Magdalena River, Colombia.

Minh Duc Le; and Pritchard, Peter.  2007. Genetic variability of the Critically Endangered softshell turtle, Rafetus swinhoei.

Kuchling, Gerald; Hudson, Rick; and Lu Shunqing. 2007. Facilitating reproduction for the last pair of captive Rafetus in China – an emergency request.

Praschag, Peter. 2007. Preliminary survey on the status of the critically endangered Batagur baska (Gray, 1831) on the east coast of India with consideration of Pelochelys cantorii (Gray, 1864) and Nilssonia leithii (Gray, 1872).

Wen Cheng, Wang Jian, Zhou Ting, and Zhang Li. 2007. Rafetus swinhoei: now or never.

IUCN/SSC Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group; Rhodin, Anders G.J. 2007. Turtles on the Brink in Madagascar: A workshop on current status, conservation prioritization, and strategic action planning for Madagascan tortoises and freshwater turtles.

Khin Myo Myo. 2007. Preliminary survey of the status of Kachuga trivittata between the Htamanthi village and the confluence of Chindwin and Ayeryawady Rivers.

Ghaffari, Hanyeh and Taskavak, Ertan. 2007. A comparative study between the habits, conservational efforts and DNA structures of Rafetus euphraticus in Iran and Turkey.

Gong Shiping. 2007. Geographic distribution, status and conservation of freshwater turtles in Guangdong Province, China.

Lu Shunqing. 2007. Conserve the giant Yangtze softshell (Rafetus swinhoei).

Schoppe, Sabine. 2007. Siebenrockiella leytensis over time – are populations stable?

Hendrie, Douglas. 2007. A strategic approach to the conservation of chelonians in Vietnam.

Baard, Ernst. 2007. Updating the population status of the geometric tortoise Psammobates geometricus and the southern speckled padloper Homopus signatus cafer in the Western Cape Province, South Africa.

Heng Sovannara. 2007. The Batagur baska conservation project, Cambodia.

Gang Chen. 2007. A conservation study of the critically endangered Cuora yunnanensis in Yunnan, China.

2006  —  6 proposals funded
$26,411 disbursed

Valenzuela, Nicole; and Ceballos Fonseca, Claudia Patricia. 2006. Conservation implications of life history and thermal effects on sex determination and hatchling fitness in the endangered Magdalena river turtle (Podocnemis lewyana).

Vargas-Ramírez, Mario Alfonso; and Castaño-Mora, Olga Victoria. 2006. Participatory research towards the conservation of the endangered-endemic fresh water turtle Podocnemis lewyana in the Upper Magdalena river, Colombia.

Mwaya, Reginald T. 2006. An assessment of the effects of live trade moratorium on the pancake tortoise, Malacochersus tornieri (Testudinidae), wild populations in Tanzania.

Riyanto, Awal; Farajallah, Ahmad; and Arisona, Jarot. 2006. The endangered Sulawesi tortoise (Indotestudo forstenii ): behaviour, habitat, population in the wild and the harvest level.

Parham, James F.; Wilson, Byron S.; Parra-Olea, Gabriela; and Papenfuss, Theodore J. 2006. Assessment of Caribbean slider turtle populations: a neglected turtle fauna under threat of genetic pollution, human exploitation, and habitat destruction.

Wen Cheng. 2006. Proposal for a survey for  Rafetus swinhoei in south Yunnan, China.

2005  —  10 proposals funded
$52,700 disbursed

Lipman, Alison; and Carroll, C. Ronald. 2005. Conservation of Podocnemis turtles in Parque Nacional Noel Kempff Mercado, Bolivia.

Luiselli, Luca. 2005. Classification and prioritisation of the various areas of conservation interest for freshwater turtles in Nigeria and Benin: the application of GIS analyses on the results from previously CRF-funded projects and from newly-planned surveys.

Fidenci, Pierre. 2005. Inventory, distribution, status, and conservation action of the Critically Endangered Philippine forest turtle, Heosemys leytensis, Palawan, Philippines.

García Anleu, Rony; Soto Shoender, José Roberto; and Espejel G., Verónica E. 2005. Distribution and ecology of wild populations of the Central American river turtle (Dermatemys mawii: Dermatemydidae) in the Corridor of the Maya Forest in Guatemala.

Praschag, Peter; and Reza, Ali. 2005. Genetic verification of the identity of the black soft-shell turtle Aspideretes nigricans (Anderson, 1875).
Syed, Gracia P. 2005. A program of phylogeography, conservation and management for the Critically Endangered Central American river turtle Dermatemys mawii.
Centre for Coastal Environmental Conservation; Rahman, Mowdudur. 2005. River terrapin conservation in the Sundarban Reserved Forest.

Ibarrondo, Bonggi R. 2005. Rote snake-necked turtle (Chelodina mccordi): the Action Plan for its preservation.

Heng Sovannara. 2005. Batagur baska conservation project: a program to protect and conserve the last known wild population of the Critically Endangered river terrapin, Batagur baska, in Indochina.

Andrews, Harry V. 2005. Hatching and headstarting programmes for endangered chelonians in the National Chambal River Sanctuary: implementing recommendations from the Conservation Action Plan for India’s freshwater turtles.

2004  —  10 proposals funded
$30,000 disbursed

TRAFFIC Southeast Asia; Chris Shepherd, Noorainie Awang Anak, James Compton. 2004. Protecting the Roti Island snake-necked turtle Chelodina mccordi from extinction.

Luiselli, Luca. 2004. A mega-transect along the Gulf of Guinea (West Africa) to assess the status and the impact of human hunting activities on the hinge-back tortoises (genus Kinixys): a crucial step towards a large-scale conservation strategy for these forest species.

Attum, Omar. 2004. A local community and capacity building approach to the conservation of the Egyptian tortoise.

Chan, Eng Heng; Soh, Chong Leng; and Wong, Chee Ho. 2004. The Setiu River terrapin research and conservation program in Malaysia.

Colli, Guarino Rinaldi; and Neto, Habib Jorge Fraxe. 2004. Management and conservation of Cerrado freshwater turtles at Parque Nacional de Brasília, Brazil.

Wildlife Conservation Society; Cleveland Metroparks Zoo; Hanoi National University; and Education for Nature – Vietnam. 2004. Conservation of Rafetus swinhoei in Vietnam.

Cuc Phuong Turtle Conservation Center; Douglas B. Hendrie. 2004. Operational support.

Syed, Gracia P. 2004. Population recovery program for the Central American river turtle Dermatemys mawi (Testudines: Dermatemydidae).

Kuchling, Gerald. 2004. Captive management of Kachuga trivittata in Myanmar.

Ibarrondo, Bonggi. 2004. Rote snake-necked turtle (Chelodina mccordi Rhodin 1994): the Action Plan for its preservation.

2003  —  6 proposals funded
$24,353 disbursed


Diesmos, Arvin C. 2003. Unraveling the myth of the Philippine pond turtle Heosemys leytensis.

Wildlife Conservation Society; Rohan Holloway, Sovannara Heng. 2003. Batagur baska in Koh Kong Province, Cambodia – research in support of conservation.

Grupo Herpetologico de Antioquia; Vivian P. Páez, Brian C. Bock. 2003. Assessment of the distribution and reproductive ecology of populations of Podocnemis lewyana in the Magdalena river drainage.

Madras Crocodile Bank Trust; Harry V. Andrews. 2003. Conservation and captive breeding of Indian freshwater turtles and tortoises––a need for urgent conservation action.

Kuchling, Gerald. 2003. Preliminary status survey of the Critically Endangered endemic Roti snake-neck turtle (Chelodina mccordi Rhodin, 1994), Roti Island, Indonesia.

International Center for Conservation of Turtles, Allwetterzoo Münster; Martina Raffel. 2003. Conservation of critically endangered Asian turtle species.